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How to Keep Work Related Stress Separated From Your Relationship

At one point or another, your job can cause you a great deal of stress with your relationships. Staying on top of everything that your job demands of you can be extremely tough at times, so we need to make sure that this work related stress does not bleed over into your relationship. Take an outside view of your job and the duties you perform for things you can change.

You must find a way to leave your work at work. You have to make up your mind that separating your work life from your home life is imperative to your relationship. You do not have to always be doing 20 different things at once in order to get ahead in this world. You have to make time for your family and the things that you love. The only way to do the things that you like to do and spend time with your family is to leave your work at work.

Find a way to get the stress of a bad day at work out before you spend time with your loved ones. No one likes to be stuck discussing your negative emotions from work, so you have to release this work related stress before you meet them. So writing down the things that gave you bad feelings during the day at your job will help you get these feeling out into the open and will help you to let those feelings go. At least start off by writing down the one bad thing that you are hung up on and make sure to think about it as you are writing it down. Bring up all of the negative thoughts and emotions you have about this and then take the piece of paper you have put all these feeling on and then get rid of it. Leave your thoughts with the paper and do not think about them while you are talking with your partner. Now you can interact with your loved ones without the negative thoughts you were carrying around.

Another way to get rid of the negative feelings you have after a hard day of work is to go do something that gets your blood pumping. Going to the gym, playing in a recreational or competitive league, or even just running will help you think all those negative thoughts out of your system and you’ll get to benefit from it as well. Once you are done exercising, you can go back to those that you want to spend time with and enjoy their company as they will enjoy yours, especially now that you do not have the stress of your job with you.

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Mon, June 7th 2010

How to Work Through Communication Problems in Your Relationship

Communication is a problem that affects many relationships and will eventually bring them spiraling down. This is not what any of us want out of our relationships, so pay attention to the following ways to improve the communication that you have with our partner.

Communication is the key to every single relationship that you have, but one thing you may not be aware of is that communication is not limited to just the words that you use. Communication involves your tonality, your body language as well as the words that you say. The tonality in your voice is described as the pitch and inflection used when speaking the words you are speaking and body language can be explained as body gestures, eye movements, facial expressions and body posture.

We know that everything you do and you say can be considered as communication in one form or another. You need to make sure that your communication, for the most part, is good and constructive communication. All communication cannot be constructive as you will inevitably get into fights. While most of you may think that this is a bad thing, remember that it is normal to have disagreements and this just means that your relationship is normal. It is the communication you use working through the fight that needs to be constructive. You need to get to the root of what the fight is about and constructively work through it. Once the initial argument is over, you need to find the right questions to ask your partner so you can get to the root of the problem and then work through it.

You should work to keep an open mind in your relationship. Keeping an open mind in your relationship is not always easy, but being able to recognize both sides of an argument will allow you both to work through the issue together. Everyone needs to understand that being right is not always the best thing for relationships. This is why staying open minded and seeing both sides will help you work through any issue.

Do not jump to conclusions or make assumptions about anything, especially when in an argument. Jumping to conclusions will only lead you to believe assumptions that your imagination has given you. Ask questions to your partner to get to the root of the problem so that you can avoid making assumptions or jumping to conclusions. Work it out by using constructive communication and avoid attacking each other, as attacking each other on a personal level will not help anyone but yourself. You need to be sure that you have both you and your partner’s interests in mind in a relationship and not just having your interests in mind.

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Wed, June 2nd 2010

A Positive Spin on Money and Relationships

There are many problems that trouble relationships but one affects every relationship at one time or another. The problem that continuously comes up in relationships is money. Money will affect every relationship in one way or another, so let us make sure that we are prepared for tough times as well as the times where money is not a problem.

It is very important to make sure that money will not cause you and your relationship any pain, especially in this economy where money seems to always be tight. Take some time and write down everything that you spend money on for a given month. Another way do do this is to keep track of everything that you spend money on, no matter if it is through credit, your bank account or by using cash. Once you have done this, go back and look at where you can cut back and remove things from your list that you don’t need. Having done so, make a plan where you will spend more wisely from this point on. Take a look at the things you have written down on your list and take note of anything you can save or totally remove from the list. Buying in bulk, sales and coupons are some good ideas for you to look into.

Making sure money does not run your life is another key factor in keeping your relationship alive and well. Money is a very key aspect of not only your relationship, but of your own life as well. The key is to realize that while money is important, it is not the most important thing in your life. You have to find a balance. Putting in overtime, trying to work more and make extra money or taking on other jobs to supplement your income will only put a major strain on all you relationships. You have to remember that there are only 24 hours in a day and if you are working 18 hours of that, there is no time for your loved ones.

One last thing for working your way out of problems with money and keeping your relationship on track is to share these things with your partner. Now that you have found ways to cut back on your spending and manage your own money situation better, it is a good idea to share this information with your partner. This way they can hold you accountable to the things you have set to work on and you can both work together on making better money decisions.

It is important to remember through this whole thing that communication with your partner is the key to success. There is no need to hide your financial struggles, as they probably have some sort of knowledge of the situation already. Be open and communicate these things with your partner so you both are on the same page.

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Mon, May 31st 2010

What is the Key to Relationships

Keeping your personal relationship with your significant other, no matter what level you are at, is not only important, but essential.  Whether you are just starting your relationship or are already married, one of the key aspects of keeping your relationship strong and ever growing is communication.  There are many aspects of communication and how you relate to others, and we are going to concentrate on ways you can improve the interactions you have with your partner.

Communication is not limited to just the words you say.  Not to drop facts on you, but the literal words you say only account for about seven percent (7%) of the overall message.  I know you’re wondering where the other ninety-three percent (93%) comes from.  It comes from body language and tonality.  Body language accounts for about fifty-five percent (55%) and can be explained as body gestures, eye movements, facial expressions and body posture.  The final thirty-eight percent (38%) comes from tonality.  Tonality can be defined as the pitch and inflection used when speaking the words you are speaking.

So let’s begin by discussing topics to talk about.  Bring up plans for the future.  While this isn’t recommended if you are just getting to know someone or at least as your first discussion topic, but discussing the future and both your future plans as well as theirs is a great topic.  This allows both of you to find out things about each other and not only where both of you are looking to go, but also where you are now.  There are so many things you can talk about after this topic.  The responses you get can lead you down so many different roads.  This topic can also lead you to discuss things that are happening right now, just by asking ‘Why?’. 

The question ‘Why?’ can lead you to what both of you are feeling at the moment you answered the question in the first place.  This can give you a glimpse into how the other person sees the world and where they are in their life.  So not only will asking the question about plans for the future give you information about expectations for the future, but you can use it to understand where the person is at currently as well.

This topic will help you get to the core of someone you are in a relationship with because there are so many different directions to take the conversation after this topic is brought up and the responses you receive. 

Wed, April 28th 2010

Video explaining how to bring up the questions you want to ask your boyfriend and ways to go about doing it. Don’t forget to go by Ask Personal Questions for more information on questions to ask your boyfriend.

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Tue, April 13th 2010

Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Getting to know your boyfriend can be a tough trick to pull off.  Guys aren’t always very forward with information about themselves so you may have to change the way you ask the questions to get him to be open to discussing such topics.

Setting up your questions in a type of game can be fun for both of you and can be something that your boyfriend would be up for.  One way to do this is by rotating who gets to ask the question.  You can start asking the first question and then let him ask any question he would like.  You can also set it up where you both stay on the same topic and ask questions only relating to that topic.

Guys will like topics such as sex and activities, while you may want to know deeper things such as values and emotions.  Getting him to open up about such things will be tricky, but asking the right questions can be the way to begin the conversation about such things and continuing with follow up questions can give you the information you would not be able to get naturally.

Now there are some questions to ask your boyfriend that you should wait to ask until you are further into your relationship, and there are also questions that you probably already know the answer to.  If you are well into your relationship, then I would suggest you to ask all the questions you can, even if you know the answers.  The reason is because things change and as people grow and grow together, your emotions and feelings change.  This is perfectly normal and your answers to certain questions can change just as much as his answers can.

Another note to be aware of is that you have to be ready to know the truthful answers to the questions to ask your boyfriend that you are asking.  You want your boyfriend to be truthful to the questions that you are asking him, just as you should be truthful to the questions he is asking.  With both of you being totally truthful, you have to be ready if he does not answer the question you ask as you want or expect him to.  This will definitely get you and your partner to know more about each other, but you have to be ready to accept what he says.

There are so many questions to ask your boyfriend and just getting to know him better should be the most important part of these interactions where you bring up these types of questions.  Remember, drilling him with questions will make him feel like you are attacking him.  Thus, work in these questions in a game like atmosphere or something light and fun. 

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Mon, April 5th 2010